Some kind words from Louella Natural Health clients:

“You have no idea how much your advice and help got me on the right path! To this date I’ve lost 26kg! I run daily, also do boxing, strength training, spin bike, also some hiking. Just yesterday we did a hike that was 17.5km. I am eternally grateful for you and will forever be in you debt.” – Faye, June 2022

‘I consulted Louella for my son Benjamin’s uveitis ( underlying autoimmune condition). Louella is great at listening to my input and analysing that, explaining results, and suggesting practical steps to take, like lifestyle and dietary changes, aided by supplements. I like Louella’s methodical way at breaking down a problem and suggesting next steps at what we could investigate or try out based on what we already know. Benjamin is still undergoing treatment with tweaks based on new test results – I have confidence that if we followed the plan set out, and routinely checked how we’re doing, Benjamin’s health would improve. It’s an involved process and not as easy as popping a pill and hoping problems would go away. This is a journey and I’m glad that we’ve partnered with Louella.’ – Jacqueline, June 2022

‘For several years I have had in person and phone consultations with Louella Wood. My well-being generally and specifically has improved immeasurably over this time. Louella works from an evidence based and is conservative in recommending quality supplements as required.’. – June, June 2022

‘Louella,  thanks for all your help over the years. Your knowledge of Natural Health is great & been very helpful to my Health. Supply service for products is also great’ – John, June 2022

‘Thanks for all your help over the last couple of months to get my health back on track. You are a life saver!’ – Robyn, June 2022