Covid-19 and Natural Health

Covid-19 virus has brought the world to a stop and threatens to exhaust medical resources. Having not been listed as an ‘essential service’, Naturopaths in New Zealand have now effectively had their hands firmly tied.

Please visit to view details of why natural health could and should be part of our lives right now. This petition asks that the NZ Government includes Natural Health as an essential service during Covid-19. I ask that you sign this petition, as it is I believe within all New Zealanders’ right to have a choice to access all means of support for their mental and physical health at this time, as at every time.

As the situation currently stands, I can no longer order any supplements for you and do not have access to functional testing. I am therefore temporarily stopping all consultations until further notice.

I would, however, like to put forward a few suggestions for you all to stay healthy and happy over the next few weeks of lock down:

  • Eat a range of vegetables every day
  • Drink plenty of water and herbal tea
  • Restrict alcohol as much as you can
  • Dance
  • Practice yoga and meditation every day
  • Eat garlic and onions
  • Tend to the garden
  • Make the most of Feijoas, guavas, apples in season
  • Sing
  • Paint or draw a picture of what you see, or what is in your head.
  • Write a poem
  • Breathe from your abdomen
  • Set small, achievable goals for the day
  • Be grateful for this moment, now. Try not to let your mind fret about the future or dwell on the past.

This is certainly a challenge for all of us. We will get through it and hopefully be stronger for it, with a deeper appreciation of life.
Take care

About the Author

Louella Wood

Registered Naturopath DipNat, member NZSN, AIMA. BA (Hons)Env. Std., Dip.Tch. Working at Whangarei Natural Health, Whangarei.