The International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine

I am very lucky to be attending  the ICNM conference in London in June/July this year.  There are going to be a multitude of speakers from all over the world (including NZ), who will be covering subjects as diverse as gut-microbiome and gut-brain axis, sugar addiction, cancer control, polycystic ovarian syndrome, naturopathy for our senior citizens, and much more! The speakers are top research presenters who have a huge amount of knowledge to share from UK, USA, Israel, Australia, France, India, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland and Chile.

I will be trying very hard to soak up all this knowledge and bring it back to you all in Whangarei!

Some of my learning from the ICNM

It was wonderful to be able to chat to natural health gurus from all over the world in London this month.  Just a few of the subjects that were covered by 28 talks over 3 days included ‘The Mind and the Microbiome’, which discussed the gut-microbiota-brain axis.  The Mediterranean diet was very much touted as an effective, anti-inflammatory (not to mention, enjoyable!) way of eating for health.  We discussed health care for senior citizens and specific treatments targeted at men’s health. Exercise and diet for cancer patients was also covered.  At the forefront of the congress was the importance of Genetic profiling in the prognosis of chronic diseases. I am excited to see that we are certainly moving in the right direction at Whangarei Natural Health.  Book an appointment online or ring me to discuss Fitgenes Genetic Profile Analysis.

Louella 🙂

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Louella Wood

Registered Naturopath DipNat, member NZSN, AIMA. BA (Hons)Env. Std., Dip.Tch. Working at Whangarei Natural Health, Whangarei.