Mould and fungus

 I have successfully treated a number of clients with mould and fungus related health conditions over the last few years. Symptoms of fungal disease may include itchy skin, candida infections, gut issues, tiredness, irritability, reduced immunity and more. Treatments seek to find the etiology of the mould and may include diet and lifestyle modifications, herbal anti-fungals and nutritional supplementation.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could prevent some of these health conditions in the first place, by managing humidity and dampness in our houses? Here are some simple suggestions to help you keep your house dry this winter:

  • Get rid of moisture by opening windows during cooking, showering or washing dishes.
  • Dry clothes outside – not inside.
  • Open windows and doors every day to let moisture escape.
  • Leave the bedroom door and window cracked during the night to clear moisture.
  • Let UV sun rays get to your pillows and blankets to rid them of mould – put them outside in the direct sunlight.
  • Do not use gas heaters with no flue – they release toxic fumes and moisture. Heat pumps or electric heaters are safer.

If you are suffering from what you believe is a mould and fungus health condition, call me to make an appointment. I can carry out a Naturopathic clinical assessment and devise a holistic treatment plan just for you. We can also look into functional testing options for mould toxins. Fungal and mould conditions must not be ignored – they really can create havoc with your health and may cause chronic health problems well into the future.


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